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IDIS Association and DLMS User Association merger

Steinhausen, Switzerland, November 22nd, 2021. The DLMS User Association (UA), a leading voice internationally in interoperable and secure data exchange for IoT and strategic energy management, and the IDIS Industry Association, a non-profit association committed to maintaining and promoting publicly available technical interoperability specifications, today announced that they have signed a merger agreement.

The two associations have a long history of working together and share a common vision and mission to enhance and extend open standards and interoperability for energy and water management. Combining their complementary strengths, this strategic alignment seeks to intensify joint efforts to drive shared value for their members and the industry.

Under the agreement, the IDIS Association will be fully integrated into the DLMS Smart Metering Working Group (SMWG). The SMWG whilst continuing to support the legacy IDIS packages, will also ramp-up new initiatives to support multi-utility heat, water and gas Smart Metering Generic Companion Profiles with a supporting Interoperability and Compatibility Testing service.

“The combined capabilities of IDIS and DLMS will accelerate the release of industry-leading specification and certification programs for the energy and water sector. This merger leverages a time-proven IDIS interoperability methodology and framework that, through the DLMS UA, will be extended beyond smart metering towards e-Mobility, Industrial IoT and Smart Grid applications.” said Pieter Coetzee, IDIS President.

“As DLMS looks to its next phase of growth and impact, our boards agreed that this is in the best interest of our members and the industry to come together at this time to reinforce our market position as a robust leader for strategic energy and water infrastructure standardization.” added Sergio Lazzarotto, President & Executive Director, DLMS User Association. “By simplifying membership, we can offer an extended set of services to our members that will guarantee interoperability and interchangeability of devices, thus accelerating time to market and reducing overall cost of ownership. This will lead to the creation of a more competitive market offering market leaders the possibility to innovate through standardization.”

About the DLMS User Association

The DLMS User Association is a non-profit organization and a leading voice internationally in interoperable and secure data exchange. Our mission is to foster member collaboration, drive innovation through standardization and deliver world-leading specification and certification programs that support interchangeable devices and secure data exchange. Recognized by major international standardization bodies, over 300 members currently use DLMS specifications in the IoT, e-Mobility, Smart Gird and Smart Metering segments.

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About the IDIS Association

The Interoperable Device Interface Specifications (IDIS) Industry Association is a non-profit association established to maintain and promote companion standards based on publicly available open standards. The Association further supports a proven device certification framework to guarantee use-case driven end-to-end interoperability.

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