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IDIS evolves to further meet the needs of the energy industry – launches Package 3 at EUW

In a period of energy industry revolution, technology needs to adapt quickly to meet changing requirements.  But in this period of rapid change, how do you guarantee device interoperability? 

IDIS, the open, DLMS/COSEM-based Companion Specification for global smart meter roll outs, is today announcing the launch of its Package 3. This latest IDIS update extends the 13 core smart metering use cases, allowing utilities to avoid investment risk and vendor lock-in by delivering externally certified interoperability to compliant smart meters.

What’s new in Package 3? 

Updated and extended meter reading functionality to support evolving regulations.Expanded Quality of Supply (QoS) parameters to better support low voltage grid management.Extended functionality for end user engagement and opt-in / opt-out.Improved fault-finding capability to support more robust communication.  Enhanced security by responding to evolutions in DLMS/COSEM.

At its core, the IDIS Specification allows utilities to source smart meter devices from different manufacturers ensuring aligned, complete and rich end-to-end functional interoperability. The IDIS approach leverages 100% open-standards and is based on a proven legacy of achieving successful interoperability through supporting companion specifications.  

Dieter Brunner, Chairman of IDIS Association, said “With the accelerating global energy transition, IDIS is increasingly relevant to ensure supply chain diversity for utilities. The association will continue to evolve by supporting emerging industry requirements through a pragmatic and time-proven methodology.”

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